Announcing Fluxstore 1.5

Hello from InspireUI, this is our regular update for the detailed changelog guide and roadmap for our product update. Latest update 26/11/2019 (add new changelog for v1.5.9.)

This version is an outstanding release that focuses to empower the app features for Magento and Opencart, some new UX.


  1. News — native payment for Razopay, Paypal, Tap
  2. News — compatible with XCode 11 and iOS 13
  3. News — release Free WooCommerce config site
  4. News — replace mstore-checkout by the plugin MStore API
  5. Update — Facebook Login SDK 5.0
  6. Update — add new series Youtube Channel to regular sharing tips.
  7. Update — Migration guide and upgrade latest Flutter 1.9
  8. News — Installing the Woocommerce on Localhost & Digital Ocean
  9. ChangeLog for Fluxstore1.5.5
  10. ChangeLog for Fluxstore1.5.6
  11. ChangeLog for Fluxstore1.5.7
  12. ChangeLog for Fluxstore1.5.8
  13. ChangeLog for Fluxstore1.5.9
  14. Road map for 1.6

1. Native payment for Razopay, Paypal, Tap

Current release support to work with new Native Payment Paypal, Razopay and Tap, this gateway is compatible for all WooCommerce, Magento and Opencart.

Please review this video for more detail on how to config the payments:

2. Support Flutter 1.9 and compatible with XCode 11 and iOS 13

Make sure to run the “flutter upgrade” to update your new Flutter to the latest version, and download latest XCode 11 to test iOS 13.

3. Release Free WooCommerce config site

We make this pre-config site with all-ready-setup the plugins installed, setup the data config for WooCommerce site… the Website is now for well maintain and up-to-date with latest WooCommerce and Wordpress -

We hope this fresh Wordpress site config could help you save a lot of time when the first time setup the backend for the app, for more information about the setup please check the document -

4. Replace mstore-checkout by the plugin MStore API

Our team has been working hard to pass the review from Wordpress Admin to publish the new plugins API, the new mstore-checkout plugins is now can be installed via the Wordpress plugins directory - 


5. Facebook Login SDK 5.0

We upgraded the new Facebook library to latest flutter_facebook_login to latest 3.0 to support new 5.0 and prevent the WebviewUI warning from Appstore review.

If you are using previous Fluxstore 1.4 please note for this upgrade and change the login function:

final FacebookLoginResult result =
await FacebookLogin().logIn(['email', 'public_profile']);

6. New Youtube Channel “Flutter E-Commerce App in 10 Minutes”

After release some previous FluxStore version, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks and questions how to customize the app more effective, we understand that is the problem when using the Flutter at the first time, that why we create this channel:

Don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel to get the latest sharing from the team, next videos we will cover topic about “How to Customize the Fluxstore from scratch change menu, logo, map screens, delivery to appstore…”

7. Migration guide and upgrade latest Flutter 1.9

To upgrade from v1.4 to v1.5 Open the patch file from download package, and run below script to apply the patch file, make sure to install git from this link

git patch -p1 < version.v1.5.patch

For quickly check the list of file change:

git apply --stat version.v1.5.patch

As the download Package content the full source code package, there is not any automation way to upgrade the script smoothly without using the git patch, this script may not run perfectly in case you have customized the project heavily. Let us know if you have any better solution for the migration script 😊

8. Installing the Woocommerce on Localhost & Digital Ocean

Please subscribe the Youtube Channel to get more video guide from the team:

9. ChangeLog for Fluxstore 1.5.5

Last update 15/10/2019

This release is major support for the iPad and Android tablet, we have tested and fixed most of the UI issues on the large screens, also fixing some minor bug from previous versions.

  • We open new private Gitlab and the Fluxstore Facebook Group, please submit this form
  • To upgrade the latest 1.5.5, please make sure you update latest Flutter 1.9.x and latest Mstore API
1. New - full compatible with iPad and iPadOS (for both landscape and portait).
2. New - open new Gitlab to download previous version & Facebook group, please submit to
3. Update - fix the coupon and shipping issues.
4. Update - wordpress api to 1.3.7 -
5. Update - the code base on swift and kotlin to support faster build
6. Update - minor bugs fix and performance improvement.
7. Update - demo site for localhost -
8. Update - deprecated the Firebase Chat due to cloud_firestore slow running build issue #349, #37582
(We will update this feature when these bug are fixed). If you would like to use previous version 1.5.1 please submit to Gitlab for downloading.

10. ChangeLog for Fluxstore 1.5.6

Last update 25/10/2019

This release is major support for performance improvement.

  1. To improve the caching from Fluxstore please following these steps (this feature is available for WooCommerce)
  • Step 1: Update mstore-api to latest version and install the wp-rest-cache plugins (available from the download package).
  • Step 2: Go to Wordpress dashboard, select MStore Api menu and upload the config file from the Fluxstore project folderlib/common/config.json
  • Step 3: Go to Fluxstore project folder lib/common/config.dart update isCaching:true (this value is set from kAdvanceConfig), then rebuild the app enjoy new Super-Speed app, if you love this feature please give us the rating feedback to download page 🎉🎉

- The cache will be avaiable from/wp-json/mstore/v1/cache, if the isCaching is false it will load as the local config.
- This is also great solution if you would like to change the app UI without resubmit to App stores, by reupload the config.json file to Mstore API.
- It will automated flushing of caches if (some of) its products contents are edited.

2. The Proxyman is a great tool and effect way to debug the network request, to enable this tool, update the debugNetworkProxy: true (from the common/constant.dart file, then you can see the list of network requests from the Proxyman with beauty format from the response JSON.

3. The Product List and Banner can now flexible display with Tag/Features filter, open lib/common/config.json

"layout": "threeColumn",
"category": 26,
"tag": 12,
"feature": true

Note: this feature is available for WooCommerce only, to pick up the category/tag id, edit the category/tag then you can get the ID from the URL from browser. The Features is mark as ⭐️ from the products page.

4. To limit the country list from the Delivery screen, open lib/common/config.dart and update the DefaultCountry, example if you would like to display on 3 countries, config as below:

const List DefaultCountry = [
"name": "Vietnam",
"iosCode": "VN",
"icon": ""
"name": "India",
"iosCode": "IN",
{"name": "Austria", "iosCode": "AT", "icon": ""},

Please refer to below detail changelogs:

1. New - upgrade to Super-Speed App (please read
2. New - compatible to debug HTTP network by Proxyman -
3. New - support Custom Page URL, Tag/Feature Products and Banner Items
4. New - add an option to limit Country when checkout
5. New - support Cancel/Refund in the Order Detail
6. New - Add Billing and Shipping address auto from website
7. Update - Fixed Searching issues with space, blue splash screen
8. Update - Add option to show/hide the Google Map picker
9. Update - Fix crash issues on Appstore demo
10. Update - minor bug fix from Github.

11. ChangeLog for Fluxstore 1.5.7

This is a minor update for fixing the issue from 1.5.6

1. Update - demo config theme that missing Tabbar configs cause crashing.
2. Update - fix SMS login crashing issues
3. Update - Wordpress Mstore API to get the domain email.
4. Update - support multi Shipping zone (woocommerce)
5. Update - minior bug fix

12. ChangeLog for Fluxstore 1.5.8

On this release, we refactor the tabbar to make it more flexible in the future upgrade new screens or arrange the screen's position. Open lib/common/config.json and edit the Tabbar value

"TabBar": [
"layout": "home",
"icon": "assets/icons/tabs/icon-home.png"
"layout": "category",
"categoryLayout": "card",
"icon": "assets/icons/tabs/icon-category.png"
"layout": "search",
"icon": "assets/icons/tabs/icon-search.png"
"layout": "profile",
"icon": "assets/icons/tabs/icon-user.png"
  • layout: the screen layout, for the special home layout, it’s dynamic layout that could control more flexible by update HorizonLayout, VerticalLayout, Background value (from the same config.json file)
  • icon: the asset file to load the tabbar icon image
  • categoryLayout: support many kind of layout grid, column, sideMenu, subCategories, card , it’s use display the content categories type.
1. New - add 2 fresh & sexy Product Design Layouts: kProductLayout.fullSizeImageType and halfSizeImageType.
2. Update - refactor Tabbar config more flexible, compatible with new FluxBuilder -
3. Update - fixed the Coupon Code & new Coupon restriction logic (min & max amount and date)
4. Update - fixed the Shipping issues, also support multi zone from the config
5. Update - fixed the Review not appear due to WooCommerce version 3.0
6. Update - update the Setting page without require Login
7. Update - update the UI of SMS Login and login issue.
8. Update - fixed the persist logout when closed the app
9. Update - improve the webview performance
10. Update - fix native Paypal issue & add new testing account: [email protected] / Demo_123
11. Update - fix the Splash screen and Require logins issue.

13. ChangeLog for Fluxstore 1.5.9

We release this version early than the plan to support fixing critical issues #1449 that cause by pin_code_fields upgrade new version and chang new input param “onChanged”.

There is also the request to change the multi-language of the homepage, if we use the WPML to config the category for a different language, it should be change form the config.json file as well, that why we separate the config to multi-file, example: common/config_ar.json use for Arabic language.

We also add EnableShipping, EnableReview, and EnableAddress to support the app that only uses for Downloadable products, related ticket request #1415

New video guides are also updated to help you understand more about the app delivery to Appstore and Google Play store.

Bellow are other minor updates:

1. New - Add Order Note when process checkout
2. New - support instant search on the homepage (tap the Search icon)
3. New - add more 2 videos for guiding how to release app stores.
4. New - support Downloadable product (add option to disable Shipping and Address)
5. Update - fixed critical build issue caused by pin_code_fields library.
6. Update - config.json file to support multi-languages (config_xx.json).
7. Update - fixed the Shipping cost not update after modifying from website
8. Update - fixed SMS Login issue
9. Update - fixed the logins "isRequired" issues when the user logged in
10. Update - update the splash screen to support loading by app Icon.
11. Update - minor bug fixed and update the latest libraries.

14. Road map for 1.6

  • Please let us know if you have any Feature Request to our support Github
  • New 1.6 will be compatible with our FluxBuilder which will be released on the app store very soon, this is free for download, some mockup screenshots below 😊

Distinguish the difference between all Fluxstore applications:

1. FluxStore Pro: this is multi-purpose Flutter app compatible with all Woocommerce, Opencart 3.x, or Magento 2.x websites. If you have already released the website or setup new sites, this product is suitable for your requirements.
2. FluxStore Multi Vendor: use this app to build your own marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba… This app is compatible with Woocommerce website and requires to install Dokan or WCFM plugin.
3. FluxStore WooCommerce: the features are same with FluxStore Pro, but only focus compatible with any WooCommerce websites.
4. FluxNews: compatible with any Wordpress templates
5. FluxStore Listing: use to build innovative apps like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Yelp or FourSquare. This app requires to install one of following WooCommerce templates: Listeo, ListingPro, or MyListing
6. FluxStore Shopify: compatible with any Shopify stores