Announcing Fluxstore 1.9.x

Last updated 28/01/2021
Fluxstore 1.9.3 and 1.9.4 Change Logs is moved to 
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Greeting from InspireUI, hope you have a wonderful day! This is our regular update for the detailed changelog guide for the awesome Fluxstore apps.

v1.9.1 changelogs
Update & improvement
- Support Thai 🇹🇭 Languages.
- Fixed variant and countdown issues.
- Fixed webview payment exception
v1.9.0 changelogs
New features
+ SaleOff Feature with the Countdown ⏳
+ Notify to the User to update Order Status 🔥
+ Support macOS version 🖥
+ Support Product Images Options 🎑
+ Side Menu + Category Layout 🛍
+ Support inline Video on Product Detail ⏯
+ In-app notification 📲
+ Support Booking Feature (extended license)
+ Vendor Admin Feature (FluxStore Multi Vendor)
Update & improvement
- Add Link to Blog List for category icons.
- Fixed outOfStock not hidden issue.
- Fixed invalidDouble on product title.
- Fixed attribute empty data.
- Fixed Vertical product issues
- Fixed fourColumn missing Layout
- Support Russian Languages.
- Improve Registration screen: add Phone number.
- Improve first loading performance.
- Improve the Web version.
- Update all libaries to latest version.

1. Sale-Off Feature

New config JSON will be supporting the following config:

This feature is currently compatible with WooCommerce (Single and multi-Vendor) and could be customization with FluxBuilder on the next release.

How to enable from the WooCommerce side?

  • The countdown widget on the Header List will pick the first Product item.
  • The app will automatically load the onSale product via Rest API, but make sure to set the pricing with the date.

2. Notification update the Order Status

Active this feature simply updates the mstore-api to the latest version and fill in the Firebase Key, please follow this guide:


Note: if you are using the Fluxstore Multi-Vendor, it will support to send Notification to the Vendor Owner when they get new sales.

3. Support macOS version

The new release could compatible with the macOS version by using Flutter Master or Dev Flutter Channel:

flutter channel master
flutter upgrade --force

4. Product Images Options.

This feature is compatible with free WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugins:

5. Side Menu with Category Layout

This Category UI is supported to multi-level categories, config by updating the JSON to sideMenuWithSub

6. Support inline Video on Product Detail

Current Fluxstore compatible with the following video plugins

To integrate with other plugins you could customize the product Entity — lib/models/entities/product.dart

7. Support Booking Feature

This is a Big feature and only available for the Extended License.


The booking feature is compatible with the WooCommerce Appointments

8. In-App Notification from OnSignal

If you have configured the OneSignal library successfully, there is a great feature to support In-App Messages from OneSignal, the flexible UI will be display dynamic on your mobile app client immediately or schedule a time base on your planning. Please check this detailed document guide.

9. Vendor Admin Feature

This feature available for the Fluxstore Multi Vendor and using WCFM only.

This is an amazing feature to support Vendor Admin could manage everything related to their store, all the features will the same as on the Vendor Admin website and you don’t need to develop anything from the Fluxstore app.

To test this feature, log in with user: [email protected] / demo

Go to Setting Screen and select Vendor Admin

As the current Admin is an All-In-One solution for Vendor admin on Fluxstore app, but it had a limit with WebView solution, our team is in middle working hard to release other Admin product that full native UX (this will be released as a separate product), hope you will love it.

10. Migration Guide

  • If you have already customized the project, make sure to follow this guide to merge the source code via Git update.
  • Make sure to follow the Common Flutter Installing to clean up the Flutter Cache and update the Pod library to run the new project.
  • To know more about available Fluxstore features, please check this post:

11. New FluxBuilder Compatible

After a few months of hard-working, we are excited to release the new FluxBuilder version with a bunch of powerful features and UX improvement. We will continue with a new Blog post to clarify more detail.

Below as 2 FluxBuilder showcases from one of our clients, as you can see the Design System from FluxBuilder and it easy to custom with amazing results.

12. Support Product Add-Ons plugin

Product Add-Ons on FluxStore 1.9.2

IMPORTANT NOTE - For now, only this Product Add-Ons plugin is supported:

To use this plugin, make sure you are using our latest MStore-API plugin 3.0.8 which supports this feature. Older versions will not work.

Then you can choose to create either Global Product Add-Ons or Per-Product Add-Ons by following their documentation:

Per-Product Add-Ons

While creating add-ons, please set its type to Multiple Choice or Checkboxes. Other types are not supported.

FluxStore 1.9.2 supports Multiple Choice and Checkboxes add-ons types

Let us know if you have any questions 👍