Announcing Fluxstore 2.0.x

New FluxStore version compatible with latest Flutter 2.0 was released in Mar 2021.
Last updated 05/03/2021

Image Credits: Google

Greetings from InspireUI, hope you have had a wonderful time! This is our regular and Big update on the awesome FluxStore apps. As the new Changelog is migrated to InspireUI Wiki, please check the detailed explanation in that link.

Below are some highlights about what’s new on FluxStore 2.0.0

  • 🚀 Compatible with new Flutter 2.0 Stable version
  • 🎊 New Config Approach to support new FluxBuilder 1.2
  • 🎊 New Upload File feature via Product Add-Ons
  • 🎊 Support Huawei devices
  • 🎊 Nearby Listing and location search (FluxStore Listing app)
  • 🎊 Support Product Variant, Attribute, and WooCommerce single store Management (FluxStore Manager app)
  • 🎊 New languages: Poland 🇵🇱, Serbian 🇷🇸, Persian 🇮🇷
  • ⚡️ Upgrade Stripe Payment feature.
  • ⚡️ Upgrade the source to the latest Pedantic (1.9.2)
  • ⚡️️ Upgrade most of the Library to Null Safety to support Flutter 2.0
  • ⚡ Many UIs and minor improvements, please check the detailed Changelog.

1. Compatible with new Flutter 2 🚀

🔥New version 2.0 of all FluxStore apps is compatible with the latest Flutter 2. Please make sure to update Flutter SDK to the latest Stable (2.0.x):

flutter channel stable 
flutter upgrade --force
flutter clean

For more information about what’s new in Flutter 2.0 stable channel, check out the link below:

2. Upload File 🔥

This wonderful feature is very useful for stores that require uploading file to products, especially drug store or online medicine store that needs to upload prescription. Short-description type, heading type are also supported.

File upload feature is compatible with the below WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin, and available on FluxStore WooCommerceFluxStore Multi Vendors apps:

To config this feature, just need to open lib/env.dart and update productAddons as below:

3. Capture Later for Stripe 💳

Capture Later feature will separate authorization and capture to create a charge now, but capture funds later. Learn more at the guide below:

This Capture Later feature and Native Stripe payment are available for Extended License of FluxStore WooCommerceFluxStore Pro (Woo only), and FluxStore Multi Vendors apps. For Regular license, you totally are able to use Stripe payment via Webview.

To support this feature, please upgrade our new Stripe server source code and deploy it again:

4. New languages: Poland, Serbian, Persian

Currently, FluxStore has supported 24 languages as below. Thanks to the great contribution from our friendly Customers who sent us the translation as a native speaker:

[1–5] Arabic, English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Vietnamese🇻🇳, Spanish 🇪🇸, Chinese 🇨🇳

[6–10] Japanese🇯🇵, India (Hindi) 🇮🇳, French 🇫🇷, Russian 🇷🇺, Indonesian 🇮🇩

[11–15] Korean 🇰🇷, Romanian 🇷🇴, Turkish 🇹🇷, Italian 🇮🇹, German 🇩🇪

[16–20] Brazil 🇧🇷, Hungary 🇭🇺, Hebrew 🇮🇱, Thailand 🇹🇭, Dutch 🇳🇱

[21–24] Serbian 🇷🇸, Polish 🇵🇱, Persian 🇮🇷, Kurdish 🇰🇼.

Let us know if you have any questions 👍