Announcing FluxStore 2.2.x

Compatible with Flutter 2.2 and support Null-safety

Hello again from InspireUI team!👋 This is a new changelog for the latest released FluxStore apps. After few months of hard working, we have migrated the library and source code to support Null-Safety, which is officially required from Flutter 2.2. We will keep the blog post as short as possible. Let’s go🏄‍♀️

What is the mission of FluxStore apps?

InspireUI Team commit to deliver the best e-commerce Flutter apps to our Customers. Help to save their time and worth +100.000USD just by spending 59USD 👍

One of the Feedbacks

We would like to thank all of our Customers who trust in using FluxStore apps for several e-commerce projects❤️. Here is some interesting fact that we archived so far:

1. FluxStore Apps are built with +4,500 commits, +700 merged requests, and the source code is well maintenance and bug fixing every days ♻️

Contributor on Git

2. FluxStore apps not only have unlimited Design Layouts ☀️but you could also make your own designs. There are Rich and Stable E-Commerce Functionalities 📦 that you could use for multi-purpose projects.

3. FluxStore Apps also come with the free FluxBuilder Desktop Builder App (⬇️ Download) to help easily customize and build the app on AppStores without touching the source code.

What’s new?

Please be noticed that this is a big release and breaking change of code structure to adapt well with the Flutter 2.2 Null-safety.

If you have customized some modules on the previous version, it requires some effort to do the migration as well. But if you only update the config env.dart or JSON file, that would be fine and no need to do the migration.

Here is the list of the main updates:

  • 🚀 All the FluxStore source code is migrated to Null-safety.
  • 🚀 Update all the dependencies to the latest version and also migrate all to Null-safety, we also remove the override dependencies warning.
  • 🎉 Add App Tracking Transparency for iOS 14.5
  • 🎉 Add new style for Tabbar - image
  • 🎉 Add Order History for Guest (not login) users.
  • ♻️ Upgrade the source to compatibility with the new FluxBuilder 1.2.x
  • ♻️ Upgrade build.grade (minSdkVersion 20, gradle-6.7).
  • ♻️ Update more strictly Analyze rule and pedantic 1.11 - image
  • ♻️ Improve overall performance and splash screen loading.
  • ♻️ Upgrade break change from Google Mobile Ads 0.13.0
  • 🩹 And also include some important bugs fix & improvements, see detail

Migration to FluxStore 2.2

  • If you would like to keep the previous FluxStore version (2.1 or 2.0), it is possible to downgrade the Flutter to 2.0.6 (released on 01/05/2021)
flutter downgrade
(select y)
flutter doctor
  • If using the latest FluxStore 2.2, it is required to update your Development Environment to the latest Flutter Stable channel 2.2.x (released on 19/05/2021)
flutter channel stable 
flutter upgrade --force
  • Download the latest FluxStore 2.2 from the download page or from private sharing Gitlab, override your existing lib/config folder to the new FluxStore 2.2.
  • Copy the ServerConfig section to new lib/env.dart file, if you have customized other sections, try to compare and copy each section manually instead of overriding the whole file (as the latest version could have some new config options)
  • To apply the new custom Tabbar, go to lib/menu/maintab.dart and uncomment the customerTabbar() function, it could be replace by other type: customerTabbar1(), customerTabbar2() and customerTabbar3(). This feature will be available in the next FluxBuilder release as well, please stay tuned 👍
  • ⚠️ Please notice: the latest release is not compatible with the previous FluxStore project as all the files are migrated to Null-safety.
  • ✅ We recommend changing the green files and folders as the below map (common, config, l10n, env.dart files) to keep the project being compatible well with other next coming releases.

What is next coming?

  • ⌨️ New Delivery app will be available soon.
  • ⌨️ A new bunch of new Premade Templates will be improved.
  • ⌨️ We will support the Windows Users to build iOS apps via FluxBuilder.
  • ⌨️ Keep upgrading FluxStore to be more stable and faster.
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