Announcing FluxStore 2.4.x

Amazing release with new bunch of features, compatible with latest Flutter framework (Channel Stable) and FluxBuilder (Flutter App Builder)

FluxStore 2.4 — support audio player (mockup credit by Tri Tam)

1. What’s new in FluxStore 2.4.x

FluxStore is continuously upgrading the performance and functionality every day, our mission is to deliver the more awesome apps to support your business, compare with the previous 2.2.x FluxStore includes +691 git commits code and following new updates.

🌟 New Audio Player and the PlayList are supported on Blog type to play the mp3 audio file, this is a great feature to support building your own Audio app like Spotify 🎹, we will also upgrade this feature to compatible with the WooCommerce product type to allow the play the product (use for selling audio music app).

🌟 New Category Layout Home widget, group the product horizontal by category, it is possible to customize this layout from the FluxBuilder app builder side - screenshot

🌟 New Geolocation Store Home widget (Multi-Vendor), get the nearest store on the home screen.

🌟 New Search and Group product by Category on Vendor Store, also update the MStore-API to support the API (Multi-Vendor) — screenshot

🌟 New Subscription Plans Sign Up feature (Woocommerce or WordPress extended license), compatible with Ultimate Membership Pro.

🌟 New Thai language 🇹🇭, most FluxStore apps are supporting a total of 26 native languages so far. Thank you to FluxStore’s Customers who have sent us the translation in your native languages, our team really appreciates all your contribution 👏

🌟 New Delivery Date on the Checkout screen, this great feature is suitable for the Delivery or Booking app, the feature is available both WooCommerce & Shopify versions.

♻️ Update the pedantic to flutter_lints, this is a new recommendation from the Flutter team as it contains more strictly coding rules and identifies possible problems in Dart code.

♻️ Upgrade the SMS Login process to allow users to input extra information (email, password) after verifying OTP, to enable this option make sure to update EnableNewSMSLogin: true

♻️ Support Dynamic link on Product, Category screens (Vendor/Store sharing deep-link will be supported on next release)

♻️ The splash screen config is migrated to env.dart to support customize from FluxBuilder side — screenshot

♻️ There are a lot of other improvements and updates are explained from the Changelog, please help to get the detail from the Product Wiki.

  • Update all latest pubspec.yaml library.
  • Support changing Privacy, About Us, and add a new general item in the Profile screen.
  • Remove Microphone usage.
  • Add the remove notification number on the app icon for iOS and Android.
  • Fix Side Menu shown on the lower layout at Arabic mode.
  • Fix Chat Notification issue.
  • Update Firebase Remote Config feature and document.
  • Support Webview for Privacy Policies page.
  • Translate delivery order notification.
  • Upgrade banner item to support title and description.
  • Fix Order’s id is not shown after checkout successfully.
  • Add more Webview Flutter option for Webview checkout feature.
  • Upgrade SmartChat UI to support more chat items, descriptions.
  • Fix the navigate to HomePage or SearchPage from EmptyWishList.
  • Hide the cart icon on the product list, apply coupon and points for a booking product.
  • Fix the incorrect Korean language code, modify AfterShipTracking.
  • Fix Out of stock products can be added to cart.
  • Fix Smart Chat does not load webview.
  • Fix status bar color issue.
  • Delivery: Fix auto-refresh data when receiving notification for the FluxStore Manager and Delivery Boy app.
  • Delivery: Update user information on Delivery Boy app.
  • Vendor: Improve reviews screen on FluxStore Multi-Vendor (WCFM).
  • Vendor: Add Dokan native manager dashboard.
  • Vendor: Fix Loading product list in a single store.
  • Blog: Fix/blog grid widget.
  • Blog: Image is not clear and unexpected Back icon on List-blog.
  • Blog: Detailed Blog Setting does not display when selecting a blog on List-blog.
  • Opencart: Update to show product options on the Order Detail screen.
  • Shopify: Fix the issue that can not get the product by product id on Shopify framework.
  • Shopify: Fix Dynamic Link feature for Shopify framework.
  • Shopify: Fix input Coupon cart Shopify
  • Shopify: Fix can add over an available quantity of a product.
  • Prestashop: Update the Hide the out-of-stock product feature.
  • Magento: Update to load countries and attributes in the background.
FluxBuilder Web version

2. FluxBuilder 1.3.x

The new FluxStore release is still working fine with the previous FluxBuilder 1.2.xHowever, it is not stopping our team from working hard to release a new FluxBuilder 1.3 (will coming soon) with more cool features.

  • 🌟 Web PWA version is released as standalone and embed iframe under plugins/extensions on your website, support to build APK testing on Cloud within 1 minute (coming soon).
  • 🌟 New Desktop version with more powerful features, support Windows users to build an iOS app on Cloud, and a bunch of new Design templates.
FluxBuilder Desktop version
Click to see the new FluxBuilder Video guide

3. More reference

Below is new resources links that you may really be interested 👍