Announcing Fluxstore 1.8.x

Last updated 02/10/2020, Fluxstore 1.8.0 Changelogs.

Greeting from InspireUI, hope you are feeling good safe out there! This is our regular update for the detailed changelog guide for the awesome Fluxstore apps.

1. Changelog for 1.8.0

On this release, we focus mostly on adding new features, app performance upgrades, stability, and make it work smoothly with the latest Fluxbuilder tool.

New - update to compatible with latest Flutter 1.22.x and iOS 14.
New - support searching products by SKU.
New - show product list by tags, filter product by tags.
New - automatically fill in OTP for SMS Login on Android.
New - add product quantity selection UI.
New - support multi Config JSON files on mstore-api plugins.
New - improve the iPad and Web responsive layouts.
New - new feature to claim The Point Reward (Extended License).
New - add Stripe Native Payment with SCA (Extended License).
Update - fix empty info after user update profile.
Update - fix scrolling for long product attribute options.
Update - fix product attributes not fully loaded for 100 attributes.
Update - fix uploaded product image rotation on iOS/iPad.
Update - fix navigation drawer cannot close on iPad
Update - fix Google Map address does not load.
Update - fix the screen is overflow when click My Cart icon
Update - fix On backorder product issues.
Update - fix Navigation bug and improve the Routing.
Update - fix product description bug.
Update - fix some issues on Magento
Update - support Razorpay Native Payment on Android.
Update - support Tax API
Update - support Sync the Cart data from mobile and website.

Update to compatible with the latest Flutter 1.22.x and iOS 14

Important Migration: please make sure to run this script to update to the latest Flutter version, and re-install all pub spec libraries.

flutter channel stable
flutter upgrade --force
// go to the Fluxstore project and also run:
flutter clean
flutter pub get

If you are using Android Studio, open the pubspec.yaml and click the Pub get button, then rebuild the project again, make sure all the Dart Analysis is empty (without any warning)

There is also some great improvement from new Flutter version 1.22:

Since this is the season for new mobile OS versions, this release focuses on ensuring that Android 11 and iOS 14 work great with Flutter. Updates for both of these OSes include a lot of under-the-hood work to conform to the latest SDKs and to make sure everything passes our extensive test suite. For iOS 14, this release includes support for the new Xcode 12, new icons, and preview support for the new iOS 14 App Clips feature. For Android 11, the update supports the new types of display cutouts as well as smoother animation when bringing up the soft keyboard — read more…

Support searching for products by SKU

Now you can enable searching for products by SKU. To enable it, you can set "EnableSkuSearch": true, to kAdvanceConfig in lib/common/config/general.dart as below:

Show product list by tags, filter product by tags

To show the product list by tags, you can use our latest FluxBuilder tool to create the layout. Just choose a tag you want to filter like below:

From the product list, users can also filter product by tag.

Filter by tag

Automatically fill in OTP for SMS Login on Android

After entering the phone number and signing up, the app will wait and detect the OTP automatically without any extra actions from users. This feature is only available on Android.

Add product quantity selection UI

We have added a new product quantity selection UI, which can help users easily increase or decrease the quantity, or just enter their desired number using the keyboard.

Support multi Config JSON files on MStore-API plugins

You can upload multiple config JSON files for multiple languages.

Just make sure the file name is in the correct format: config_xx.json where xx is your language code. Example: config_en.jsonconfig_ar.json

Improve the iPad and Web responsive layouts

New feature to claim The Point Reward (Extended License)

This new feature is available for the Woocommerce. The applications supporting the claim Point Reward are FluxStore WooCommerceFluxStore ProFluxStore Multi Vendor.

Add Stripe Native Payment with SCA (Extended License)

The Woocommerce applications supporting the Native Stripe payment include FluxStore WooCommerceFluxStore ProFluxStore Multi Vendor with extended license. For regular license, Stripe payment works smoothly via webview.

Originally published at on October 01, 2020.