Announcing FluxBuilder 1.x

Last updated Dec 10, 2020: FluxBuilder 1.1 — Changelogs.

Greeting from InspireUI, hope you have a wonderful day! This is our regular update for the detailed change log of the drag&drop FluxBuilder tool.

v1.1.0 changelog
New features
+ Support FluxStore Listing app 🎑
+ Support FluxStore Strapi app 🔥
+ Sync Design to Website & 🖼
+ Support Flutter installation 💽
+ Android Builder + iOS Builder 📲
+ Product + Order management 🛍
+ Brand new Design and UX improvement ✨

1. FluxStore Listing & FluxStore Strapi support

After a few months of hard-working, we are excited to notice that this new FluxBuilder version supports customizing the Design of FluxStore Listing and FluxStore Strapi apps by drag&drop.

You are able to input the domain of your Strapi, Listeo, My Listing, or Listing Pro website to the FluxBuilder tool to see how the app looks like and customize the Design of app:

2. Sync to Website and

After publishing your FluxStore apps to App Stores, sometimes you need to update the design of apps. You are able to do this without republishing to App Stores, very convenient, right?

Just need to sync your custom Design file to Website or

Currently, Sync to Website is only available for WooCommerce, Sync to is available for all platforms.

  • To enable the Token, create the new Free account on (new branding name, then go to Settings > Token > Create and copy the token then paste to FluxBuilder Setting.
  • To enable the “Sync to Website”, just make sure to active the mstore-api plugin, after fill in and submit the JSON file name, make sure it appears from the plugin setting. For example, config_en (use for English config), or config_ar (for Arabic setting)

These features are available for Extended license. Besides, with Regular license, you are also able to upload your custom design file to Cloud or mstore api. This document shows you the way 🙂

3. Android Builder & iOS Builder features

These are Big features and only available for Extended License. You totally can change the app name, icon, bundle id, and create the APK and IPA files on the drag&drop FluxBuilder. With a Regular license, you can also do this by following this guide:

Someone wonders whether he/she can create the IPA file with this version of FluxBuilder tool if he/she does not have Mac. “Sorry”, the answer is you need to have Mac. Anyway, we are thinking about the solution to this so that we can give more benefits and convenience to customers. You can see there are many works to do and we are working hard. Try your best 👍

4. Web Admin features

For the Fluxstore Woocommerce app, with the Extended License accounts, you are able to manage all products and orders on the drag&drop FluxBuilder tool.

You are also able to see the overview of orders per day, month, or year:

Our mission is to help Non-tech users to create a mobile app supporting their business. It is complicated and we are on the way with much more works to be done, and we are working with our best 👍

5. Features comparison on FluxBuilder

The drag&drop FluxBuilder tool is free. Users are able to input the purchase code of FluxStore apps to FluxBuilder to activate. Depending on the license you bought for the FluxStore apps is Regular or Extended, you will have the following corresponding features:

(*): These features are totally able to do manually on the android studio. We provides clear and careful video and document instructions.


The Free plan is for users who would like to know how their app looks like and customize the design.

On the Free plan you can:

  • View the demo app of your website.
  • Customize the Design of the app.
  • Install the flutter, Android SDK, CocoaPods.


You need to get the custom design, save the design to customize on next time, or get support, you can move to Regular.

On the Regular plan, you will get the same as Free and more:

  • Get the custom design.
  • Save the design for next time update.
  • Change domain one time.
  • Get support.
  • (*): These features are totally able to do manually on the android studio. We provides clear and careful video and document instructions.


This plan gives you the best of everything. Same as Regular and more:

  • Sync the design after published.
  • Update app name, icon, bundle id.
  • Create APK and IPA files.
  • Manage products and orders (Woocommerce).
  • and more features are coming.

You are also able to take a look at the current features of FluxStore apps.


For more information about the FluxBuilder, please check out the website and download the demo app today.

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Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for reading & happy coding😊