Announcing FluxStore 3.3

Hi friends, InspireUI here with a big bag of improvement in the latest FluxStore release.

First of all, we would like to thank you for putting your trust in InspireUI and our FluxStore products ❤️. We’re here to help you get your business better optimized, and excited to do our part in maintaining and upgrading the products to be more powerful, flexible, and high-performance

❇️  What news in FluxStore v3.3 ?

The release includes 148 merge requests including a lot of new features and important improvements. 

New features

❇️ New 2x performance improvement.
❇️ Easy & simply upgrade - see changelog
❇️ New TabMenu & Scrollable layout - see video
❇️ New Smart Engagement Banner - see video
❇️ Vertical Product Gallery - see video
❇️ Compatible with new FluxBuilder 1.6.x - see changelog
❇️ Show SMS Login screen by Default.
❇️ Upgrade Category layout
❇️ Upgrade Product Detail themes.
❇️ New Phone Number Config.
❇️ Youtube video in Product Detail
❇️ New Languages: 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan, Urdu

➡️  Important improvements

  • Compatible with latest Flutter 3.3.x.
  • Limit Login Attempts Reloaded.
  • Cart icon for LTR and RTL
  • Support Android 13.
  • Ability to add Notes with Link on Order.
  • Upgrade all pubspec Libraries to latest.
  • Fix TikTok videos not load.
  • Fix video on TikTok that are stretched.
  • Fix general web item not update when login.
  • Fix multi language for brands.
  • Fix category product list.
  • Fix cannot update menu label.
  • Fix stuck at empty splash screen when isCaching config not loaded
  • Fix tap payment issue
  • Fix wrong shipping fee
  • Fix: max allow quantity when add product
  • Fix choose time of booking don't appear
  • Fix the app does not request permission push notification
  • Fix wrong currency in paystack payment
  • Fix total cart for subscription
  • Fix: click text story
  • Fix login for webview
  • Fix point redemption when create order
  • Fix defaultCurrency symbol in textField when editing product
  • Fix vertical layout column with filter UI
  • Fix missing author data of blog
  • Fix minor bugs in sms login
  • Fix AutoUpdate
  • And more detail via Changelog...

🔑 How to Activate the Product?

Once download the new package, please follow this step to activate the product:

⬇️ Download Product

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