MStore Pro 4.0 Changelogs

Mstore 4.1:
1. Update — latest React Native 0.63 and Expo 39.0
2. Update — compatible with latest NodeJS
3. Update — latest package.json library

Mstore 4.0:
1. New — Load Config file from server to show Home screen
2. Update — latet React Native 0.62.2 with Flipper debug tool
3. Update — Fix select default country in Delivery screen
4. Update — Fix apple sign in and product variants issues
5. Fix some issues related User Profile screen
6. Update — latest package.json libraries

1. What is dynamic Config file?

You will have two options to load the Config file.

  • Load from local — a traditional way.
  • Load from your server, you can change the position or anything in the Home screen when the app is published to the store. For example: In the holiday, you want to change the banner or position items on the Home screen. Traditionally, you need to re-submit a new version to the store which will take a lot of time. However, thanks to the dynamic config file, you can change the whole layout structure without upgrading the new version app.

2. What is flipper debug tool?

Although flipper is a brand new way to debug, which is developed by Facebook (, we still use Reactotron to execute bugs due to its faster speed and more convenient features compared to flipper.

We updated all libraries with the latest version except react-navigation one. Because the latest react-navigation v5 changed structure, we decided to upgrade to v4.

3. Selection country in Delivery screen.

Many users have reported this issue: they could not navigate to the next screen with the country selected. Realizing that situtation, we have fixed and put a hotfix on this Mstore version.

4 .Fix apple sign in

As Apple announced, users could not be able to get the email for the second time authentication.

One way to workaround is to use firebase to save the credential token which will help sign in with apple work great.

Thank you so much for reading.