InspireUI Interview

Where do you live and work from? What is it like being a creator in your city?

Our InspireUI team is from Vietnam and Australia. We have meeting online almost everyday. We would love to create a continuous and consistent development environment by sharing techniques, customers caring and living knowledge. Besides, nurturing each member's mental health also plays a key role in our company culture. Everyone always enjoys, makes fun and behaves as a genuine Big Family.

Many clients already have their own existing websites, and they need the applications on both iOS and Android devices to take their online business to the next level. InspireUI create native mobile applications for clients' existing websites with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities. Our best sellers are FluxStore applications that synchronize with clients' websites instantly and vice versa. Various platforms of websites that we support to provide the applications are WooCommerce, WCMF, Dokan, Opencart, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, etc.

Moreover, there are some clients contacting us and sharing that they have no coding skills or just a little. Because of that, we have investigated and released the FluxBuilder (a Drag-and-drop tool) to customize easily the application design without re-publishing to App Stores. We’re working as hard as possible to give more and more benefits to our clients in an innovative way.

Tell us about the team behind you. How many people do you work with? Are you all based in the same location?

As above information, with a talented, enthusiastic, and active team, InspireUI is a reliable partner in mobile development. As a creator, especially the Power Elite Author, we believe that it requires more responsibility and work effort to help our clients find out great solutions for their problems.

Tell us about how you got started creating with Envato.

InspireUI has started with the first React Native MStore app on the market and we are so proud that we have been the first author submitting the React Native template and it've become the best selling React Native e-commerce at that time.

Also, the first time we posted video on InspireUI Youtube channel, we got a lot of positive feedback. At present, the channel have been improving constantly.

After that, we have increased the volume of Flutter applications which are now the success and best sellers of InspireUI - FluxStore applications, which create native mobile app for clients' website on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities and take clients online business to the next level.

What do you love about your work and why?

First of all, we always keep in mind that everything has yet to be done. Each product created on Envato, for the customers, is regular to one built from scratch. In our view, that attracts our customer a lot, and every suggestions and recommendations from our clients and developers extremely contributed to the current achievement.

Secondly, we feel happy because we can work in the flexible time, we can reach the balance between work and life, we can take a rest when we feel un-healthy, and then we come back to our tasks with a positive feelings, that generates more creativeness and passion. Last but not least, our clients are the ones who push us forward every day, and we highly appreciate that. Clients also are our coach/trainers with a pool of new, strange, and challenge fields. When our team solve and achieve them, we feel great, awesome! Clients are happy, we are happy. We also usually update the new and great technique trends that make our clients, you know, "Wow", surprise and exciting. These factors have motivated us a lot in producing a continuous development and improvement to make our products better and better as well as satisfy our clients.

What's the most challenging thing about your work?

You know that it is quite difficult to satisfy all customers. We do love our customers, and we love to bring the best experience while they are using our products. That's the reason why we always have to find some ways to improve our protocols in customer support, as well as enhance our product features. And you can see what they think of us is that we are willing to offer more and more benefits to customers, especially the free Drag-and-drop FluxBuilder tool.

What or who inspires you, or who is your favourite Envato Author?

In the olden days, we often think about WordPress users as developers. Now it's not anymore. With more and more merchants and self-employed individuals building up their sites, the applications and plugins should be made easy and straightforward. And our fellow author, Ninja Team, has been doing it very well.

Their FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders plugin is a great example of a handy and user-friendly interface. With its drag and drop UI, every non-techie can easily "train" the WordPress media library to work for them at its best.

What's your most memorable client/customer story on Envato?

A client who left InspireUI an unforgettable memory was a young, passionate and ultra-friendly Indian customer, Mr. Hemil. We once met in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic spread out. He flew more than 3000 km just to meet us face-to-face and ask questions about our products and customizations. We had a really good time, and we very love his meaningful gift from India.

Another Korean customer, Mr. Kim came to InspireUI's office just to give us Korean grapes and ginseng. Many clients have given us fond memories and motivated us to work hard and more creatively. We respect all of our clients and are honored to serve them.

What is your advice to other Authors who want to be successful on Envato? What are the best lessons you have learned?

****As a great Indian Yoga master, Sadhguru said "Never think of who is doing better or worse than you. The only question is, are you doing your best." And do more meditation! Honestly, it will help everyone acquire more inspiration at work and boost up your productivity.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

To balance between work, family, and health, we do spend time on the outdoor activities and fun stuff, such as jogging together, coffee-time for tech-talk, yoga, meditation, spend time with our family, play with the children, reading books, or board-game to relax. Sometimes we hold small marathon competitions, it's fun and memorable, gives us health, positive energy, creativity, and we do get along with each other very well.

What’s next for your team?

With the mission of reducing thousands of hours of business spent on designing, developing, and testing a mobile application, InspireUI frequently provide more and more powerful features and maintain the stability of the mobile applications. Consequently, the clients and freelancers are able to optimize to deliver the applications to the market, to their clients with high productivity, cost-efficiency, rich e-commerce functionalities, impressive UX design, and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to serving or cooperating with you, please don't forget to subscribe the 🌟 InspireUI Youtube channel to get our latest video about Flutter products.